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Better Hearing Care Since 1932

Patient Testimonials

We are thrilled when our patients take time to share testimonials. If you would like to rate your experience or share your own patient testimonials, use the star rating system below.

I would highly recommend Brandywine Hearing Center to anyone. I have been going to Michael for about 5 years now and I have experienced nothing but quality service. When I purchased my most recent pair of hearing aids I couldn’t decide between two different models and Michael allowed me to wear each set for a ‘trial-period’ to ensure I was happy with my selection. He was very flexible with different payment options as well which was very helpful. Additionally, anytime I have had an issue with the functionality with my hearing aids (from simply adjusting the tuning or a mechanical issue) I can simply drop them off for repair or make an appointment to make any necessary adjustments. Overall, my experience with the Brandywine Hearing Center has been exceptional. Thank you so much!MR. J.S.
We want to thank you so much for the fine work Michael has done for my wife's hearing. He is so kind and patient with us. He answers all of our questions and makes sure we understand everything. We really appreciate all of his help. It can be hard to find someone you trust when you get older, but we really trust Dr. Michelli.MR. AND MRS. F.
I am so impressed both by the amazing technology and the profession service I have received at Brandywine Hearing Center. I am hearing so much better than with the hearing aids I purchased elsewhere just a few years ago. I know that I made the right choice. The fact that I could try the hearing aids first, without putting any money down, gave me a a lot of confidence in what I was selecting. Then, to be able to lease the hearing aid and pay over time, knowing I have extra warranty and batteries included, just made it a very easy decision. I am so happy I found Brandywine Hearing Center and Dr. Michelli.MR. P.N.
Thank you so very much for putting my hearing aid in working order. It was done so quickly and efficiently. I was very impressed! Your fine service is much appreciated.MRS. M.G.
Thank you for your kindness and generosity! It makes a worlds of difference in my hearing ability. It is nice to know people like you!MR. R.T.

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