Better Hearing Care since 1932

 3605 Silverside Road Wilmington, DE

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Better Hearing Care Since 1932

About Us

Our Promise

  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To offer each patient the most appropriate hearing solution.
  • To allow our customers the option of purchasing or leasing their hearing aids after a 21-day trial period.

Brandywine Hearing Center provides audiological evaluations, hearing aid fitting, adjustments and repairs, assistive listening devices, custom earmolds and custom hearing protection.  We work with all major hearing aid manufacturers.

Our company strives to provide the best hearing healthcare for our customers. We recognize the importance of Human Communication and interaction, as well as the significant burden loss of hearing can place on our customers, their family and friends. We believe every person should have the right to try amplification before they are required to make a payment, as well as the right to return the device if they are not satisfied. We are not satisfied until our customer is satisfied, and everyone should “Try Before They Buy!