Hearing Evaluation & Services

Hearing services at Brandywine includes our 6 step process that ensures you have a proper fit and enjoy your new hearing aids.Brandywine Hearing Center provides a complete range of hearing services from hearing testing, hearing aids sales, leasing options, and assistive listening devices and custom hearing protection.

At Brandywine Hearing Center, you will always try your hearing aid before you choose to buy or lease it. We offer a free 21-day trial period. You try your hearing aid at home, work, restaurants, on the golf course, anywhere for 21 days without making any payment or leaving a deposit. If you are happy with your hearing aids, you may purchase or lease them. If you are not satisfied, for any reason, you may return them. If we can offer you another option, we will. Again, with a free 21-day trial you are never obligated to try something different, or keep any hearing aid at the end of your trial.

Audiological Service

Otoscopic evaluation
Pure-tone air and bone testing
Speech discrimination testing
Speech in Noise testing

Hearing Aid Sales and Leases

Always a free 21-day trial
Purchase your hearing aids or –
Lease your hearing aids for 36 months for a low monthly payment Check out our exclusive Brandywine Leasing Advantage
Consider a yearly payment on our lease plan and receive one month free every year!
Batteries included with leases

Other Hearing Services

Custom earmolds
Swim Molds for Children or Adults
Assitive Listening Devices (ALDs such as amplified telephones, amplified alarm clocks, FM systems, Infrared Listening devices for TVs)
Custom Hearing Protetction
Custom Musician Earmolds and In-Ear Monitors

Location & Directions

Brandywine Hearing Center 3605 Silverside Rd Wilmington, DE 19810 US

Phone: (302) 478-4942 Fax: (302) 478-4169 [email protected]


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