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Desyncra Tinnitus Treatment

Brandywine Hearing Center is proud to be the only clinic in our region to offer the revolutionary tinnitus treatment Desyncra™.

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Desyncra for Tinnitus is designed for people who experience “tonal tinnitus”. In other words, if your tinnitus sounds like a ringing sound, lower or high pitch, then Desyncra may be right for you. If you would describe your tinnitus as a roaring or hissing sound, it may not be a good option. Desyncra also works best when you have essentially normal hearing to a mild hearing loss. If you have tinnitus and a more significant hearing loss, there may be better options for you.

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How do you get Desyncra for Tinnitus?

If you think you may be a candidate for Desyncra, we will schedule you for a tinnitus evaluation. Dr. Michelli will perform a complete hearing evaluation and discuss with you how you perceive your tinnitus and how it is affecting your daily life. If you are a candidate for Desyncra and decide to use the therapy, Dr. Michelli will test you with scientifically developed software to study and determine your specific type of tinnitus. These pitch-matching tests offer a detailed definition of the tinnitus tones you experience personally.

The software then tailors a pattern of therapeutic tones that matches your tinnitus; you will hear melodies that bring you relief. They are quiet, relaxing, and pleasant to listen to. Best of all, they are minimally disruptive and designed to easily integrate into your daily routine. You’ll listen to the pattern every day for a determined length of time throughout the 36-week therapy – whenever you want to and wherever you want to and you will return to our clinic periodically to assess your progress and make modifications to your treatment plan.

How does it work?

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Under certain circumstances groups of cells form a cluster in the brain, synchronize and become hyperactive, which causes the tinnitus. Put simply, CR Neuromodulation rewires the brain. The ‘faulty wiring’ is replaced by new patterns that stop the condition. Unlike many other therapies that are used solely to treat symptoms, Desyncra has proven that even after treatment has been completed, the stopping of symptoms continues over time – suggesting it’s not just a treatment but a cure to the condition.

Recent research has shown that it is possible to influence neuronal behavior with individually determined therapeutic tones. Consequently, the cell clusters “desynchronize” and abandon their pathological behavior – the brain is “re-wired” so that it works better and stops future symptoms.


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